Lions in the Community

Here at The North School Lions Basketball Academy we take great pride in our community.

Our ‘Lions in the Community’ scheme includes:

Lions Rule the School:

Lions coaches work together with local primary schools to deliver quality, fun coaching sessions for children aged 9-11 within their schools. Each term students receive 3-4 coaching sessions followed by an opportunity to visit ‘The Jungle’ at The North School and watch a Varsity or Junior Varsity game. Students also have the opportunity to visit ‘The Jungle’ to compete themselves in an end-of-term championship tournament.

If you are interested in the ‘Lions Rule the School’ programme and wish to find out more details, please contact Head Coach Andrew Sunderland at

3 v 3 Development League & 4 v 4 Elite League

The North School Lions also run their highly popular 3 v 3 and 4 v 4 basketball leagues, open to all students at The North School from years 7-9. All players receive one hours training each week, delivered by Lions coaches, followed by a tournament on Friday afternoons.

Separate competitions run each term and prizes are awarded to league champions and the league ‘Most Valuable Player’ on the final week of term.

Charity Fundraising and Community Work

 The North School Lions feel passionate about supporting charities and run charity drives and fundraising several times throughout the year. The most notable being the annual Christmas Invitational Tournament’s Charity Drive.

Other various community work takes place each year, including regional court openings and voluntary refereeing.

Please stay tuned to the ‘Community Blog’ for frequent updates!